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We are an award winning video production company based in Sydney.

We offer a unique blend of creative production expertise to make original and engaging videos for our clients. To find out more or ask about our rates, talk to us today.

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The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anyway
Still from Micheal Ashanti's Music Video - The Internet (There's nothing wrong with love)
The Alexandria Quartet
Bhangra artist Navigator
Shooting Fire by Bug Girl
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Summer's hotting up and so is the festival circuit... the film festival circuit.

Look out for two of Juxtapose Film's highly acclaimed videos, Dil Dena and the Alexandria Quartet's video, have been selected for film festival Bornshorts.

Michael Ashanti

Thanks go to all those who helped out with the successful release of Michael Ashanti's video 'The Internet'.

We've been receiving great feedback. Stay tuned for a dance remix video which will be hitting the club scene in a month.

James Nesbitt

We also helped out on the press kit for James Nesbitt's new film coming out later this year. We squeezed some time out of his busy schedule to interview him in London.

The Kut

And look out for darlings of the Tokyo indie scene, British band The Kut (Criminal Records) will be releasing their single 'Doesn't Matter Anyway' next month... but more on this later..


Holy smoke Batman! Are we nearly halfway through the year already??! Here at Juxtapose we've had the pedal to the metal in production these last few months.

We wrapped up a warped music video for indie group Alexandria Quartet (Nettwerk) in time for the launch of their single 'Dark side of the Blues' held at Water Rats in April.

The Alexandria Quartet performing in Darkside of the Blues

Check out Bhangra artist Navigator performing his infectious rhythms in some of London's best club nights. Meanwhile check out the slick new music video we've produced for him here:

UK Bhangra artist Navigator performing Dil Dena
We've also been keeping ourselves busy shooting a quirky pop promo for US artist Michael Ashanti exploring the quest for love inside the machine.

Also, stay tuned for our funky urban animation for artist De'Jon. Here a little taster straight off the storyboard...
Storyboard pics for UK electro artist De'Jon

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